Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fond Childhood Reading Memories - the Giant Pink Sea Snail...

Did you ever read the Dr. Dolittle books? Not the Eddy Murphy modernized movie versions, but the classic children's books set in England? I read them all as a child, and loved each and every one of them. There was something fascinating to me about the round little doctor who used to doctor humans, before he learned to speak various animal languages and found doctoring animals to be so much better work.

I was thinking about those books just now, because a favorite scene popped into my head.

I have no idea what stirred the memory, but I was thinking about the scene where Dr. Dolittle and his entourage are ferried beneath the sea by the giant pink sea snail. The details are blurry in my head, but I remember being fascinated by the idea of this snail, and traveling safely to the other side of the sea within it's shell. There is this image of warm and cozy pinkness engrained in my memory, imparted somehow as I read.

A funny, fond memory to rest in this afternoon as I sit at my desk puttering. Childhood reading has left me with such fond memories, and it's always fun when a particularly fond, if somewhat random one such as this springs to mind. Especially since one usually leads to another... As a voracious reader that read close to 200 books some years as a child, there are so many fond memories of escaping into various literary worlds. (I'm already pondering Pippy Longstocking memories, and others from there...)