Thursday, November 26, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 106

Today's Daily 5 (or so):
  1. Bemused laughter at the incredible nature of some events that rather fully displayed God's deeply ironic sense of humor to me today
  2. a relatively decent day at work
  3. "NUHEART"
  4. grocery shopping for this pay period (even with some extras for all the baking I've been doing) coming in at just (barely - like $3) under budget
  5. making it through the tightest pay period yet on my budget and still having enough for what I needed, and even for some wants
  6. freshly washed sheets, pajamas and towels
  7. news of a very good sale tomorrow at a shop that I use items from daily, and realizing that I can find time in the midst of a very busy schedule to get there (I know sales are common in the States the day after thanksgiving, but tomorrow is just another day here in Canada, and it was nice to get news of a great sale.)
  8. maple chicken and yams for supper - new recipe, turned out quite well, and I'll definitely be making it again
  9. A grocery shopping trip that didn't involve drama. Everything was in stock for a change, and I didn't leave the store in a homicidal mood (though, I was quite distracted and amused/bemused by other events of the day, so that probably helped)
  10. chuckling with a couple different friends over the events of the day.