Saturday, November 21, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 101

Felicidades!!!Image by Lumiago via Flickr

Today's Daily 5 (or so), plus a picture I liked:
  1. chocolate cake for breakfast
  2. errands that went well (plus, I like doing errands and crossing things off of lists)
  3. bonus points at Sobeys (they become aeroplan points, and the more bonus points there are, the more miles there are, and the closer I am to being able to get on a plane to somewhere)
  4. Grocery shopping with mom
  5. Making these very tasty pumpkin cream sandwich cookies
  6. a day that was mostly good after a bit of a rough start
  7. reading for a while from the book I'm currently enjoying
  8. spending time with my family
  9. being successful in not trying to "buy" joy today
  10. reminders in various forms that I am loved.