Sunday, November 22, 2009

Timing, Cooking Classes, and on into the day

The timing of some things just makes me laugh. Mostly because if I didn't laugh, I'd probably pull my hair out. These sorts of things always seem to come at the end of weeks like this last one, where my energy is low, I'm tired, and probably a bit too emotional, and they become really challenging moments. Can you tell that I am in the midst of one of them again?

The Naked Pastor posted this today. Boy do I relate to that question.

And my latest blogthings quiz, "What Chess Piece Are You?" produced these results. A pawn. Yep. That was another "okay, I'm going to laugh about this" moment. Because I've actually described to a friend that I have at times felt like a pawn in some situations I've been involved in.


I'm spending some time praying today, because I have a decision to make. Again.

But, I'm also going to enjoy my day, to carry on with the plans I'd already made. I'm attending a cooking class/demonstration with my roommate this morning. I think the title is actually "Knife Skills" which is kind of humorous in an ironic and twisted way, given the times I've felt so frustrated about some of these situations. In any case, I'm looking forward to taking part in this one, and several more over the next few weeks.

I'll probably read for a while.

I have some baking to do.

And a project to organize the recipes I've collected into a more accessible format.

And maybe some cleaning.

And for sure a bit of exercise. (Got to get those 20 minutes in!)

So, I'm going to enjoy the day. I'm going to pray, and probably make the necessary decision, but I'm going to figure out how to enjoy this day. I'm determined to do that. But to also be flexible and give myself lee-way.