Friday, October 02, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 52

Description unavailableImage by .tess via Flickr

Today's daily 5 (and this lovely autumn photo I came across, just because it was lovely and reflective and felt "right" for today's list):
  1. Sitting curled up in bed for much of the evening, with candles lit around my bedroom, thinking and resting, writing and praying
  2. The first "decadent self-care" night in a long while - watching "America's Next Top Model" on the internet while laying in a hot bath with a clay mask on my face. I haven't had a decadent self-care Friday night since probably May.
  3. A coworker today who took time to really listen, and then stopped, when I mentioned that I was questioning myself, my right to feel strongly about this, looked at me and used my name (always arresting somehow) and told me very firmly that if I felt passionately about the issue it was okay. It was okay to have an opinion, even if no one agreed, because it was my opinion. It was oddly empowering to have someone say out loud the things I was mentally telling myself.
  4. Lunch out with another coworker - where we didn't talk about the tensions of the office, or all the glaring inconsistencies that have become clear again this week. We talked about life and cooking and family and vacations. (And I had enough left-overs to cover supper as well!)
  5. Realizing that there are still things (however confusing) that raise incredibly passionate responses within my spirit. There have been moments when I wasn't sure that that would ever happen again, after feeling dead for so much of the last couple years. As confusing as this day was, and continues to be, I'm grateful for passion stirring within me.