Thursday, September 10, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 30

30 days. That's crazy. I wish I could say that it was getting easier to show up here and come up with a daily list of 5, but in some ways it's getting harder. As my general enjoyment of life has increased a little with some of the changes happening within me, it's easier to say that, "it was a good day" and harder to pick out the specific beautiful moments. But, it's a discipline that for the moment anyway, I'm appreciating, so I'll keep giving it a shot.

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Dinner at mom and dad's (hamburgers!)
  2. Laughter, and great conversation with people I love over dinner... books, god, life, philosophy, theology... I love a conversation that goes beyond the surface to the things that I feel passionate about or find stimulating
  3. laughing with my roommate
  4. the "my zoo" game on facebook - I just really enjoy this one, and the fun little breaks of time spent playing it
  5. coming away from the evening with a couple of book titles I'm interested in checking out.