Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stop and Breathe

Today, like every other day in the office this week, has been packed full.

Between working on a major project that the goal is to have out the door by tomorrow afternoon, and training our new receptionist, as well as handling the various other responsibilities that come with my job, I get to the end of the receptionist's work day (she is working shorter days, not quite full-time), and realize that I've hardly stopped to catch my breath since I arrived at the office hours and hours before.

So, I'm taking just a moment to stop and breathe, to promise that the blog will eventually get back to having more than these "I'm insanely busy" style posts. Maybe on the weekend. Or next week. If life slows down. Which it definitely should quite soon now. Until then, I'll just keep taking moments to stop and breathe, and promise that I am still reading the various blogs I follow, whether or not I'm commenting. And many of you are saying great stuff, or funny stuff, or just stuff that I've enjoyed, so keep writing!

And I'll be back to writing properly soon too. I hope.