Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Morning

Time moves quickly these days it seems.

Which I suppose is infinitely better than the moments that were so painful that time simply seemed to stand still, one day bleeding into the next with little to separate them from each other.

I've hardly slept in three nights. Some combination of prayer and dreaming.

I'm spending much time pondering a moment of prayer I received early this month, that I think is helping me to understand, just a little why my own prayers and my own willingness to surrender are important. I'm hoping to be able to write more about that in the times to come.

I cried just a little on the way to work this morning. One of those moments when a memory hit, and the tears spilled over before I'd even realized they hit. I'm ashamed, sometimes, of just how soft my heart is, and I feel embarrassed to admit that I was crying over a memory of our dog, Shiloh, who died on the weekend. And yet, I'm needing to remind myself that compassion for all living things is a blessing, too.

I have a post in the works, describing the weekends from the month of August. The weekends have been stunning in their variety, and in the way they've shaped the weeks that they surrounded.

It promises to be another full day, with variety galore.

I'm grateful that our bookkeeper is back in the office, meaning I get a lunch hour without being interrupted by the need to answer the phones and deal with customers. I always appreciate that short break in the day more when I haven't had access to it for a few days.

And with that, I'm heading into the day, waiting to see what it holds.