Saturday, August 22, 2009

Musing, Waiting, Planning

I'm waiting for a phone call. News from my parents. I'll write about that later, probably, once I've heard.

I'm waiting for my roommate to get back from a run. She's running, and then she'll shower, and then we're going to the farmer's market.

I need to run to the AMA and pick up cheap movie tickets (I'm keeping my options for the weekend open.)

I'm probably going to attend a noon matinee of "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged", put on by the Shakespeare in the Park Crew. Since I'll be downtown, near Eau Claire Market, I'll also probably stop at the Tibetan shop that I've often purchased favorite items from. (In fact, today I'm wearing the "twirling skirt" that I purchased there last summer.)

I'm sitting by the living room window, and there's a cool breeze blowing in. I'm grateful that the weather isn't predicted to be burningly hot today. Low to mid twenties. Perfect as far as I'm concerned.

I'm wearing scarves more regularly again, after a long hiatus. That speaks to deep shifts going on in my heart. I have this memory of being overseas, and someone speaking to me (though I don't remember what he said) of my scarves speaking about me, about my character. I haven't wanted to remember that. My scarves have so often been about prayer. About reminders of people and places and moments that have deeply impacted my heart. About intercession and living in the spaces that are so impossibly deep that at times it became impossible to understand the places where joy and sorrow mingled. I'm wearing scarves and color and light and joy more often. And that speaks to the deep changes going on within me.

Tonight I'll go to church, and then I'll come home. The house will be quiet - my roommate has plans. I'll come home and I'll probably put in "The God's Aren't Angry" - a teaching dvd Rob Bell did. I've watched it a couple of times this week. It's speaking to some of the things God is doing in my heart. Things I'm still holding close, mostly. So tonight, tonight I'll probably come home from church and let God speak to me through Rob Bell, and I'll probably sip a glass of wine while that happens.


Shelley said...

A beautiful day...