Sunday, August 23, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 12

Today's daily 5:
  1. Mt. Indefatigueable - seen above - I loved discovering that this was the name of the mountain I'd sat down across from today. It reminded me of a God who doesn't grow weary, and who invites all those who are weary to come to him and find rest.
  2. The farmer's market - supplied my breakfast (bacon & cheese quiche), my lunch (mango thai chicken salad), and dessert for my supper (a "Sand Rose" - a pastry concoction with a chocolate crumb crust, filled with this delicious praline cream)
  3. Driving (which is not my favorite thing) and listening to a collection of much needed sermons and music (which is why I appreciate the driving - it gives me uninterrupted time to listen that I don't find many other places in my life)
  4. Mom being willing to give me a cranio-sacral treatment, to help ease my often sore neck and shoulders
  5. A day spent hanging out with Jesus and filled with surprise object lessons, times of grief and tears and confusion, moments of beauty, and little confirmations that were much needed.