Sunday, August 23, 2009

Breathing Space

I'm going to some mountains, to find a lake today (a different lake than usual) to sit by. I'm going to sit with my journal, a bible, a couple of books I'm reading, and get some breathing space.

Today is a day for memories. I'll probably write more about that later.

But it's also a day to remember, be thankful, and embrace life and joy.

I borrowed a really good camera again, because I'm still loving photography, and would like to capture the things I see and find beauty in.

So, I'm getting out of bed. I'll find some breakfast, and maybe pack a lunch. I need a blanket to sit on, and a bag with my books and journal. And then I'm heading out.

I've got some great teaching and music to listen to while I drive.

Sometimes Calgary starts to feel smothering, and, after this week, all the crazyness of the office, Shiloh, and some other stuff, I'm needing breathing space. I usually find that in the mountains, so today I'm going to a spot I've been to often since childhood, to find that breathing space.


Natalie said...

Hope your day is relaxing for ya!