Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday evening

It was a full, but decent day.

I needed nature, color, creativity, and light. All done at a slow pace.

I accomplished all of those things with a trip to a beautiful waterfall on the edge of the mountains, followed by (mostly) window shopping my way through Kensington. Colorful items. Beautiful and creative things. And a bookstore, because it couldn't truly be a good day without a bookstore stop.

Then home, a bit of organizing, a trip to mom and dad's to pick up a tool, assembling a bookshelf, running out the door to church.

I have some thoughts on church coming soon I think. I've been having a lot of thoughts on that subject lately.

I re-listened to a sermon Rob Bell preached a while back as I drove today. It spoke to some things that have been close to the surface of my heart this last while. I think I'll be listening to it over and over again this week as I drive to and from work, and as I pray through these things. More thoughts on that are likely coming at some point too.

My vitamin schedule was wonky yesterday. It helped to have that back in the approximately normal times today. I'm still shocked by how much difference the many pills I'm taking these days make in my ability to cope with life. It's almost scary to me. And yet, it helps, so, other than griping about the fact that I'm swallowing approximately 17 pills a day, I'm going to stick to it for now.

I need to go to bed now I think. Well, to be fair, I need to do a bit of cleaning first. Time to tidy my space just a little to re-create peace. And then, maybe reading. I have a book to finish, and a new one I picked up today that I'm excited to read.