Sunday, July 26, 2009


I slept some last night.

A funny, interrupted sort of sleep.

I got up at around 3 am, to close the windows in the kitchen and living room. It seemed there was a bit of a thunderstorm going on, and the rain pelting against my bedroom window told me that if we didn't want puddles to mop up this morning, I'd probably better get out of bed and close the other windows.

I'm feeling unsure what to do with myself today.

The extremes of emotion from yesterday have left me feeling a bit hung-over, and uncertain.

I think I'll probably go to places that invite color and light. Maybe a shop I discovered a while ago in Kensington. Maybe a walk along the bow river. Maybe a trip to the Tibetan shop where I've purchased a few different favorite things.

But I'm trying to be careful too. Because I know my own tendency to shop, simply to try to dispel leftover emotion. To seek joy in purchasing, instead of being able to rest into it.

So, I'm off to shake off another night of odd dreams, and the leftovers of emotion from a crazy day.

It might actually require a trip to the mountains. Or at least the forest or a park.

We'll see.