Saturday, July 25, 2009

End of Day

I feel like this has been an incredibly draining, but surprisingly okay day.

My Telus technician came this morning, and my Telus woes are now (I think!) over until September when I need to cancel my television service. (That should be fun...)

I spent a chunk of the morning writing, praying, doing emails, and crying. Pretty draining.

The panic last night hadn't dissipated, so I spent a large chunk of the day reminding that that it didn't get to hang out with me either. That always takes a lot of energy. Which isn't my strength on a good day right now, but is definitely a challenge when I've passed an almost sleepless night.

The driving tester was great. It was (almost) a fun process. The test was an hour long, and I passed! I'm now officially a fully licensed Alberta driver, with no conditions on my license. I have an interim license (basically a slip of paper) to prove it until my new license comes in the mail.

I bought myself roses - 2 dozen actually - because there was a good sale at the shop where I buy roses. I would have bought them whether or not I passed or failed, but it was rather sweet to celebrate with flowers.

I actually felt up to spending some time on my appearance, and for the first time in a while felt really pretty as I headed out to our family gathering. We were celebrating my Grandma's 80th birthday, and about 5 other birthdays as well. It was nice to feel that way again. My dad took a couple photos of me, and he'll email them to me, so that I can hopefully share them here.

The family gathering was less exhausting than usual too.

And there were some good laughs with my dad. He's on a kick right now where he's teasing me about being the only officially unattached sibling. He called me at work yesterday to update my contact information, and was teasing me about the blank for "spouse" in his contact database. I told him I was dating Jesus. He was teasing me again tonight about not securing a son-in-law for him, and I told him that other guys simply couldn't measure up. He laughed pretty hard and told me that my standards were too high. I asked him what father had ever told his daughter that her standards were too high? We laughed, and it was nice to just laugh with him. To not pay attention to all of the tensions in that relationship, and be able to laugh a bit...

And now, now I'm home, and absolutely exhausted, and needing to go to bed.

It was a good day. But very full, and very draining. And now I'm praying for sleep. And maybe some rain tomorrow, to cool the air in our apartment down a bit...