Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I am trying to be still.

But my heart is (still) moving in many directions.

I'm thinking about a family whose blog I read, having found it via the blog of a friend. Both mother and son suffer or suffered from cancer. The mother lost that battle tonight. The son fights on. My heart goes out to them, and I find myself praying.

I'm still thinking about so many of the things I mentioned this morning.

I'm sitting quietly.

I unpacked a little more tonight. The things left to unpack are mostly the ones that are deeply ingrained with memories. Beautiful memories, but some that just at present feel bittersweet. It's easier to avoid the pain when it's packed away in boxes where I don't see it. Where it doesn't surround me.

I hung a plaque over my bed tonight. It's hung near my bed for years. A list of promises of Jesus that someone did by hand in calligraphy and gave to my family when I was a child. Somewhere along the way, I inherited it. And now, no matter where I live, it hangs near my bed as a reminder and a comfort. I think the words are somehow appropriate tonight, to close this post, and move my heart again towards prayer.

I will never leave you
I will heal all your diseases
I will save you
I will not condemn you
I will help you
I will answer you
I will love you
I will guide you
I will teach you
I will forgive you
I will bless you
I will lead you
I will protect you
I will strengthen you
I will give you joy
I will give you peace
I will satisfy you
I will not leave you comfortless
I will supply all your needs
I will prepare a home in heaven
I will refresh you
I will empower you
I will be yoked with you
I will share your burdens
I will give you eternal life
- signed, Jesus Christ

May my still wandering heart be still in the midst of those promises, and may the same be true for each of those who are so deeply on my heart tonight.


Anonymous said...

Wait wait wait! How do you know Ryan and Missy??? Who's blog led you there? I've been intending to blog about them but don't think I I don't think it was me, was it??

I was so heartbroken to see the news :-(

Next note: from CA