Monday, July 20, 2009


I am, thus far, having an incredibly scattered morning.

I've been pulled in a thousand different directions so far today, and that's just the work stuff. Never mind all the things floating around in my mind and heart.

I finally slept last night. I also dreamt odd and deep and pulling dreams. It does seem to be one or the other with me. Sleepless, or dreaming. To be honest, I'm not sure which I prefer.

Today is my grandma's 80th birthday. The plans to celebrate are for this coming Saturday, but I wanted to call her today to wish her a happy birthday. She wasn't home. Like so many of her generation, she hasn't quite figured out the total operation of her answering machine. The phone rings 10-12 times before her machine picks up, and then you typically get an annoyling electronic voice that treats each word as if it were a full sentence, "After. Tone. Leave. Message." Today I just got another electronic voice saying her answering machine was full. She also has a cell phone, that one of my aunts decided would be a good security measure for when she's out and about. Trouble is, she has even less ability to use that then her answering machine! She doesn't know the number, and no one else seems to have it either. But that doesn't matter really, since I'm fairly confident that she wouldn't have any idea how to answer a call if she ever managed to turn the phone on and receive one anyway!

My brain is running in a thousand directions. Still thinking about the events of the weekend. Still praying. Considering family, and relationships. Thinking about the dream I woke from this morning and remembering a similar and rather stunning dream a few years back. Realizing that it is once again time for the weekly trip to the soul-sucking grocery mega store. And that I also have to run a few other errands tonight. Running down the list of items remaining in our living room that I must sort through and either unpack or dispose of. Considering the people I need to be in touch with to arrange dinner or tea dates. And those are just the personal things, not the work things!

So, with that, it's back to the "to do" lists that surround me in various forms!