Monday, July 20, 2009


As the afternoon has gone on, I've found my heart distracted by the people and things I'm praying for. Today my heart is praying for:
  • two friends who've just welcomed their long-awaited daughter into the world
  • my grandma, celebrating 80 years of life
  • a friend far away, who yesterday had to make the decision of whether or not to attend church, because he is in a part of the world where Christians are sometimes persecuted, and the church he was invited to attend and give a word at was one of several in the area that received a bomb threat
  • a family I'm aware of that lost both mother and one son to cancer within a few days
  • a friend looking for work
  • and another who will soon be traveling home
  • another two friends who are honeymooning,
  • and two more with only two weeks to go before their wedding
  • provision of just the right people in the office, preferably in a full time role
  • some who's hearts are broken
  • and others who are celebrating new opportunities
  • restoration of family
  • health
  • and strength
  • and daily bread
  • for a few who are searching for a place to live
  • in gratefulness that I have a cozy place to call home
  • the person who comes to mind from a dream long ago
  • deeper understanding of dreams, and ability to pray them out clearly.
  • the ability to continually choose life, even in those moments it seems most impossible.

My heart is praying...