Thursday, July 30, 2009

Desperately needed smiles...

Because I'm desperately needing the reminders tonight, these are a few things I'm thankful for, things that are making me smile...
  • good Chinese leftovers for lunch every day this week
  • having our landlord decide to change the venting system on our dryer so that it no longer sets off our smoke alarm every time we use it.
  • good sales at Ikea tonight (even though I'm having trouble assembling the product I bought)
  • finding the music I was looking for available for download on itunes
  • not having to cook dinner tonight
  • an email exchange that reminded me that a dear friend knows my heart, even when I feel quite exhausted, buried, frustrated and invisible, and loves it.
  • an email from my brother, wondering if he and his girlfriend could spend the evening of my birthday with me
  • comfy pajamas
  • much needed relief from the heat with a summer rain storm
  • peanut m&m's
  • a funny gift (a sleeping bag!) from my mom, who bought it at the grocery store yesterday of all places and then phoned me at work to tell me she'd bought me a present.
  • potential plans to do something a bit "girly" and restful tomorrow afternoon after work
  • that Jesus still speaks, even when I'm hiding for him, and wish he wouldn't speak.


Anonymous said...

Ooh...when is your birthday?

Something just went in the mail to you today, by the way. We'll see how long mail takes from America compared to Germany and Czech! Ha ha!

Lisa said...

my birthday is on my facebook account :)

I bet mail from the states will take longer than mail from Europe - it seemed to take longer for my item to get to you than yours took to come from Germany & Czech... will be fun to see, though...