Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All Over Thoughts

This has been the kind of week where I've been hopelessly busy all day, every day at the office, and still feel like I've accomplished almost nothing.

A friend brought several of us at the office flowers this morning, since there's been quite a bit of stress going around the office since the launch of a new product last week. I have a bouquet of white daisies smiling at me from a canning jar on my desk today.

Whatever stomach bug I'd contracted over the weekend seems to have settled down, and I'm grateful for that. Eating is much more pleasurable when you don't immediately feel fairly violently ill after doing so.

I'm taking a driving lesson tonight. Yes, you read that correctly. Alberta has a graduated driver's license system in place, where, two years after you begin driving, you become eligible to take an advanced road test to earn a license free from conditions. (The major condition is that without taking the advanced road test, you must have a 0 blood alcohol limit - so, basically, no wine or drinks at dinner if you're going to be on the road again.) I've been eligible to take the advanced road test for a number of years, but have never bothered to do it. However, my drivers license expires on my upcoming birthday, and rather than pay to renew the license, and then pay the fee to upgrade it, I thought I'd simply do it all at once and only pay one fee. So, I booked a refresher driving lesson, to review what will be covered on the advanced road test and make sure there aren't any surprises.

There have been all sorts of office frustrations the last few weeks, mostly stemming from the launch of the new product, and from the fact that certain people seem to have a strong sense of selish entitlement. I suppose that could be said of everyone, everywhere to some extent, but it's been rather blatant in a few frustrating (and ultimately expensive) incidents the last little while.

My roommate likes to tell me that I work in a soap opera. There are a lot of days that I think it's true. Soap opera writers couldn't dream up crazier situations than some of what I've encountered the last few months and years.

But, for the most part I remain grateful to have a job that pays my bills. And I'm definitely grateful for the new position I moved into about three months back. I'm still enjoying what I get to do in that position, and the freedom that it brings.

And with that, I'm off to finish up a few last things before the day ends and I have to head out for this two hour driving lesson!