Friday, July 10, 2009

All over the place...

My thoughts are (as usual perhaps?) all over the place this morning.

I keep hearing people complain about the weather we've been having. It's rained a lot this week. Or been sunny for part of the day and then settled into rain showers. I've been loving it. I could quite happily have this weather most of the time year round. Maybe I've just been needing the grayer skies, and the feeling of washing that comes with all of this rain... I don't know... but it's felt needed and good... soothing to a dry and weary soul these days...

I keep getting odd cuts in the palm of my right hand. I've had three or four of them this week, and they're a bit painful. Not deep enough to even bleed, just sort of breaks in the surface of the skin, bad enough to sting deeply, and pull when I move my hand.

I'm likely spending a chunk of today helping with some office moves at our company. Because, you know, I haven't done enough moving the last few weeks!

I have ambitious plans to be far more settled in our place by the end of the weekend. Plans that start with borrowing my dad's truck tomorrow, a trip to Ikea, and another possible trip to the dump. Probably also a trip to goodwill, and a trip to the recycling depot as well.

I managed to do two loads of laundry last night without the dryer in our apartment setting off our smoke detector. That was a welcome relief. I really do think that we have the most sensitive smoke detector on the planet.

I'm laughing at the truth of this cartoon at The Naked Pastor today... Wouldn't it be nice if more people told us these things at the outset?

I can't express how incredibly thankful I am that it's nearly the weekend. And that it's a weekend mostly without plans. No weddings. No moves. Just some cleaning and settling and probably some purging of belongings. A planned trip to the zoo with a friend. Plans to attend church. Maybe pancakes - it's been a while since I've had pancakes.

And much of the settling will need to be prayerfully done. Much of the unpacking that I have left are the deeply personal items. The reminders of times and places and peoples. Bits and pieces that have collected over the years. Altar stones really. So many circumstances have changed and shifted in the last year, and I am both dreading and looking forward to prayerfully arranging those memories around my space. To considering and reconsidering. To creating a space of order and peace and prayer around me again.