Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Evening

Here's the plan.

In a little while, L. will be home.

We're headed out to a Stampede BBQ supper that's being put on by the church I grew up attending. I know, I know, I generally avoid anything connected with Stampede like the plague (unless of course you have out of town visitors, in which case a visit becomes obligatory), but I've got to admit that the idea of free hamburgers and various potluck salads and desserts is really appealing to me at the end of a rather long week. I'd love a good hamburger, and I definitely love the idea of not having to cook.

Then home.

It's a priority tonight that I get a full workout in. I've been trying to do some yoga workouts lately, to help improve my health, and some muscle problems I struggle with. The aim is to do one of the 20 minute dvd's at least 4 or 5 times a week. The last two nights have been quite interrupted (I had to stop in the middle last night, and never managed to get back to it to finish), and tonight I need to make getting all the way through one a priority.

After that, a long shower, and then I'm going to treat myself to some reading I think. I'm just going to relax.

Tomorrow promises to be full, with errands and sorting and unpacking. With prayerfully revisiting memories as I unpack and re-display the various "altar stones" I've collected over the years.

So tonight, tonight I'm going to try to rest a little.

(of course, my plans seem to change regularly these days, so who knows what will ultimately end up happening!)