Sunday, June 21, 2009

Worse for wear...

It has been a long day (and it's only 5:30ish).

I treated myself to Macdonalds for breakfast on the way to church this morning. Not something I do often, but worth it for the treat and pick me up I needed.

Then church. Lots of pictures from my parents trip.

Steak lunch at their house afterwards to celebrate father's day. A few gag gifts and funny cards. Lots of laughing and visiting.

But somewhere along the way I started to get sick. I've got a pretty sore throat, and the muscles in my neck, back and shoulders are badly acting up again.

I mowed the front lawn, but not the back one when we finally got home.

And then I promptly put my pajamas on and collapsed on the couch with a wheat bag around my neck and another on my lower back. I'm not moving unless I have to for the rest of the evening. With the possible exception of a hot shower. And maybe a little bit of tidying, sorting or packing. There are a few things I need to accomplish (like list-making) that can be done while I'm laying here. But mostly, I'm going to watch M*A*S*H*, catch up on a few emails, and maybe read a little... and rest.