Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Morning Again...

In an hour I'll leave for church. Not the church I'd prefer to attend, but the church I grew up in.

My parents are speaking about their recent ministry trip to Africa, and that somewhat necessitates my presence.

Hopefully a few of the people with whom I've always had good relationships will be there, letting me at least visit and catch up with them.

Then, this afternoon, after church I'll be at Mom and Dad's house, celebrating Father's Day.

Father's Day is always a bit hard on my heart. My relationship with my dad, though a bit better in recent months, has always been a challenging one. My relationship with a heavenly father is so mixed up at times in my relationship with my earthly one.

I bought a father's day card recently. It was awfully hard to find an appropriate one, and I went with the fallback of a humorous one. It was the most appropriate to our relationship.

Anyway... time to find clothing to replace my pajamas, and breakfast.


Dave said...

Glad you're finding more peace in relationships with Men... though God could easily be a woman.