Monday, June 29, 2009


We survived the move. We've now officially slept in the new place for two nights.

It's entirely in chaos. I can't find my favorite pair of flip-flops (here's hoping they turn up soon!) But we're there. The goal for tonight is to unpack our kitchen, so we can at least start eating like normal human beings again.

The injury count was low, belonging wise. The glass on one framed photograph broke, but that's quite easily fixed sometime soon. (We're nowhere near being ready to hang our artwork anyway.

As for me, well, I've decided that I bruise more easily than fruit! I have deep, ugly bruises across both legs, both arms, and several on my hips and torso. I also have a small cut, high up on my torso, that I have no idea how I sustained.

I also managed to roll my right ankle, and pull my left hamstring, on the same move, while carrying a piece of furniture down the stairs out of our old house. As I stepped off the bottom step, my ankle rolled under me, and I pulled the hamstring compensating for rolling the ankle! I've spent several chunks of time over the last few days, reclining on my bed, with a bag of frozen peas on either my ankle or my hamstring. Looking a bit ridiculous, but thankful that the injuries weren't more serious.

I did make it to church Saturday night. And to the mountains yesterday.

Tonight I'm doing some errands for work, before returning home to attack the unpacking of our kitchen.

Tomorrow night is scheduled for grocery shopping and a trip to Ikea for a few essentials we've discovered are missing in our new place.

Wednesday I'm off work all day, and am hoping to take care of a number of errands, as well as make a dent in the unpacking. Wednesday is also the day that I should finally have internet access in our new house - something I'm most definitely looking forward to.

I'm a bit worn out, and still a bit frazzled, but overall, I felt the prayers of those who were praying. I made it through moving day, with it's high stress and high demands on energy levels I don't really have with only one minor meltdown mid-afternoon. I am, however, still managing to get at least some sleep, and that is most definitely helping.