Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Full Day...

This has been a very full day. (And I still have just under an hour left at the office.)

After work, I'm heading home as quickly as possible, as my roommate and I have an appointment to look at a potential place for us to live beginning next month. I would be quite delighted if this one panned out, as it would be a load off my mind. (However, we do tentatively have another appointment later in the week somewhere else, just in case this one doesn't work out.)

I like the full days better than the empty ones when I'm at the office. I'd rather be busy than need to pretend to be busy. Thankfully, these days, the busy days far outnumber the slow ones.

All of the things I mentioned this morning remain heavily on my mind, and I've demonstrated my discombobulated nature rather broadly today by doing things like sending an email referring to a specific attachment, and forgetting to include the attachment.

So, I continue to pray, and to work to reign in my scattered mental processes. To wait and pray and hope and think and love. Not such a bad place to be occupying I suppose.