Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday morning...

In no particular order, these are the things coloring my thoughts and day thus far:

  • I will be preparing a sympathy card today. A drowning here in Southern Alberta is unfortunately again intimately connected to the company I work for.
  • The sound of raindrops hitting my office window is both sad, and oddly comforting after a week in which so many things went on.
  • There was snow falling at my house when I left it.
  • A little boy I've been praying for has been released from hospital to continue his recovery at home.
  • There was an envelope in our mailbox with a lease for prospective tenants in it. This excites me because it means we won't have to endure future showings of our house.
  • A reminder from a dear friend that it really is okay to find joy.
  • Another odd dream has left me watchful. I'm beginning to suspect transition is upon me yet again.
  • As I drove to work this morning, I played some songs from Jacob and Lily's "The Cathedral" album and a preview of recordings to come. Karla's voice singing "Child of the King" flowed over me as I played the song on repeat, sometimes singing along. "Hallelujah, I'm a child of the King..."

My heart is quieter today. Feeling the deeply bittersweet nature of some things around me. Slowly tasting life, in all of it's flavors and strains. I'm still feeling stretched, distracted, discombobulated, but I'm also feeling peaceful.

It's Friday. The weekend is nearly here.


Anonymous said...

Hey friend! Love the new blog look :-)

Maybe you're getting the rain we had...10 days of virtually no sun for us so far...complete with thunder and lightening (VERY, VERY rare here) and hail the other day! Ack - what in the world??! I live in CA (south) not CA (north) where crazy weather is to be expected ;-) Ha ha.

Sorry I've been non-existent. It's been a week of headaches (figuratively as well as literally) - plus trying to get ready to go...also full of headaches as much as it will be good once I'm gone!

I'll fill you in on everything as soon as I can sit and breathe! I'm sure the silence on my blog probably indicates how crazy it's been!

Big hugs!

PS So glad your place is leased so it means no more 'intruders' :-)

Lisa said...

thanks! :)

as I write, there is snow falling outside my living room window... yes, in CA (North) apparently crazy weather is still to be expected!

take your time getting to the "sit and breathe" stage. sounds like life has been full of it's own set of challenges for you this week, and I definitely know what that's like :)

hugs back. and lots of prayers.