Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Rains Came...

I smiled to myself just a little when the rain began last night. The light, refreshing sort of spring rain.

I'd been waiting for a week or so, watching the forecast. Needing somehow, that new life that comes with the rains.

The timing of the start of the rain was just so. An period at the end of a sentence. A sort of promise. A whispered word speaking an encouragement to continued obedience, an ongoing guidance of my steps and path.

And then, driving home, against the heavy rain darkened clouds, was a rainbow. An exclamation point, to further extend my grammatical metaphor. A rainbow that originated approximately over my house. That offered yet another promise.

The rains came, and I remembered again two promises "I will see him in the land of the living," and "He makes all things new."