Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All in the clothes?

It's always funny to me how clothes make a difference in confidence levels. They seem like such a superficial thing, and yet they really do make a difference.

And, when I'm nervous about something, I dress very carefully for that event.

I was thinking about that this afternoon, because I'm feeling pretty rotten today. The headache is still hanging on, and my stomach is still working on recovering.

But, I'm wearing "the perfect dress" at the office today, and that's helping my confidence levels just a little. I may not feel great, but I look great!

This dress really is the perfect little number, and I scored it on a sale rack (with my roommate's help) on the weekend. Marked down from $78 to $20, it will perfectly fulfill the need for a dress to wear to two separate weddings this summer (dressed up for an evening one with heels, and down for a garden one with nice flip-flops) AND it absolutely works for the office. How often do you find one item that meets all of those criteria and is relatively comfortable to boot?

So, my stomach may ache, and my head may throb, and generally feel as if it's full of cotton, but today, today, I look good! :)