Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sometimes it's the little things

A handful of peanut M & M's
Turkey souvlaki kebabs with salad and garlic bread
Groceries purchased for another week
A good price on a dozen red roses to grace the "altar" space near my mirror
Wearing a bohemian skirt all day
A spring day that was almost without snow
Accomplishment when the website update at work worked
A paid bill
Smoked gouda
Nine straight days
Moroccan Rose bath oil

It seems that a lot of the things that make this version of a smile list are food related. What's that about? Just seems funny when I'm forcing the eating issue 3 times a day.

Ah well. Right now I'm just thankful that tomorrow is Friday. That means jeans for work, a quiet evening at home, and only one more day of work.

And it's a new month too. I can use some newness again.