Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm tired this week, and when I get tired, I either crave beauty, or my sense of humor becomes, well, punchy at best.  I think it's safe to say that this week's edition of Whimsical Wednesday reflects a little of both!  As always, I'm interested to hear your feedback on any or all of the images, and what they stirred in you.  This week, just for fun, I'm going to add a little bit of commentary after each image, talking about what it stirred, or why I picked it.

Life goes on.  Indeed.  I love the people framing this truth, I love the reminder of it at this moment when life has felt a bit overwhelming, and I love the backdrop of beach and ocean.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Because an image of the milky way galaxy adds beauty AND perspective.

Because all I want to do is curl up in this cozy space and read and sleep and rest.  If you're quiet, I'll invite you to join me.

Because I love a little bit of nerdy humor, and because I have a math teacher friend who announced that he and his wife were expecting a child by posting "x+y=?" as his facebook status.  I'm ordering this onesie for their little guy immediately.

Because this speaks to me of blessing.  Of a holy moment.  Because I love the color and life and holiness that cries out to me from this image.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Because I'm a history major.  Seriously, St. Patrick who drove out the snakes, and Medusa? That's some creative cartooning!  Also, what's with the saints driving out snakes?  When I was in Malta I learned that the prevailing belief for why there are currently no poisonous snakes on the island is that they were all rendered harmless when St. Paul shook the viper off into the fire after he was shipwrecked there.  Crazy!  Fascinating really... and something that this cartoon (which appealed to my tired and punchy sense of humor) reminded me of!

Because I don't think there can ever be enough beauty painted in the heavens.  And anything that makes winter look that appealing should definitely be celebrated and displayed.

Because this Irish proverb that I just discovered this week may just be one of the most succinct statements of some of my basic life philosophy that I've ever encountered.

Okay!  I told you why they caught my attention!  Now it's your turn - tell me which one caught you the most, and why.