Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Daily 5 - Year 3, Day 213

Today's Daily 5:

  1. bumping into one of my oldest friends on campus at lunch and collecting a hug from him
  2. a really productive afternoon in the library with a classmate
  3. introducing that same classmate to the joys of really good Indian food (aloo gobi, butter chicken, chicken rogan josh, saffron rice and truly fantastic handmade naan)
  4. the joy of eating really good food and sharing conversation - I have a whole speech about why I think sharing meals is one of the most important, intimate and spiritual things we can do with another person, and so I always celebrate the opportunity to share that experience with a friend
  5. a couple hours on skype with L.  so glad that morning classes tomorrow were cancelled and we could navigate the crazy time differences (she's finished most of a day that hasn't even started here yet) and spend some time together laughing, talking and catching up on each other's lives.