Monday, March 05, 2012

Daily 5 - Year 3, Day 198

Today's Daily 5:

  1. a wonderful spiritual direction session
  2. finishing up a paper that's been hanging over my head for a couple weeks
  3. peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  4. spending the afternoon with a friend who is a midwife, getting some help with some of my nursing skills, talking life overseas, and laughing, laughing, laughing together (not to mention collecting a couple of hugs)
  5. a surprise phone call from another friend - catching up, laughing, and chatting - it was a day with the kind of connections that feed my soul instead of drain it, and that was so needed after the week I had last week.


Anonymous said...

To #5 :-)Good to hear you and talk tonight!

Lisa said...

Thanks for calling :D