Sunday, October 16, 2011

What I Love Best About Sunday Mornings

On Sunday mornings, because I camp out at Mom and Dad on weekends, I get the only chance in my whole week to be completely alone in a given space.

Their house empties as they go to church.

I sleep in, and then dress and head upstairs.

There is a recliner waiting for me, or maybe a kitchen.

On Sunday mornings I tend to do one of two things to enjoy my time alone.

I curl up in a comfy black recliner with my laptop and maybe a book or journal, and I catch up on blog reading, and on emails.  I maybe watch a little bit of television, or play some music.


I putter in the kitchen, tackling a new recipe, or simply baking something that I really enjoy.  If I do this, then I pop in a dvd and laugh as it plays while I cook or bake.  (The kitchen is open concept, separated from the living room by an island, so I can watch in the living room while standing in the kitchen.)

But mostly I just love that whichever of these relaxing activities I choose, I'm alone.  No one else in the building.  The choice of noise vs. silence is mine.  The choice of activity vs. stillness is mine.  I love that.  There is something about that quiet aloneness that feeds my soul in ways that I need.  It's truly lovely.