Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Switching Things Up

I'm changing things up in this space again.

For the last several months on Tuesdays and Thursdays this space has either hosted "You Ask, I Answer" or "If..."  At the moment, I'm out of "You Ask, I Answer" questions, and honestly, I'm bored with the "If..." questions.  I loved the "If..." book for conversation, but found many of the questions too inflexible or too personal to answer in this space.  I wasn't having any fun answering them, so I'm shelving the series for the moment.

In the meantime, I've missed writing about whatever I feel like in this space, instead of maintaining regular series.  So, for the next while, starting on Thursday, you can expect me to talk about whatever I feel like talking about on every day except Wednesday.  On Wednesdays you can still look for Whimsical Wednesday, because I'm still loving that!

Yay for new things!  Can't wait to see what we end up talking about in this space!


christianne said...

I love that you've given yourself permission to switch things up. I'm also glad you're keeping Whimsical Wednesday -- always love those bits of eye candy you provide in those posts! :)

Lisa said...

Thanks Christianne - I sort of figure that since this is my space, I need to enjoy writing here, and the "If..." questions (which I love as conversation starters) were making me want to skip writing... so, I'm switching it up, and keeping the bits I love :)