Monday, October 03, 2011

I Meant To Write a Post

I meant to write a post for today.  One of the many on a list I've been keeping.

And then, well, time got away from me.

Instead of writing I was eating cheese melted in wine with tasty stuff added, and chocolate mixed with coconut milk at a fondue birthday party.

Instead of writing I did an overdue load of laundry.

Instead of writing I sat and made conversations, and helped in the kitchen.

Instead of writing I watched a bit of TV on DVD that made me laugh.

And now it's Monday (or Sunday night, rather, since I'm writing this quickly before heading to bed!) and I don't have the time or energy to write something all profound like.  So... Check back.  I'm switching some things up again this week.  Because I can, you know... and because I want this space to fit me, and I think the changes will help with that all over again.

So check back.  I'll be back tomorrow.  I promise!