Monday, October 24, 2011


In seasons of limbo, when discontent strikes hard and deep, I daydream.  I think about the things I miss about a more stable living situation - showering in the same house where I sleep most nights, normal meal planning and cooking, not feeling confined to one small part of the space.  I dream about plants that fill a space - jasmine plants in every room, filling the air with their lovely scent.  Palms, Boston ferns, peace lilies, spider plants and rubber plants for their beauty and air purifying properties.  A cozy chair with cushions, an ottoman and soft blankets in which to wrap oneself while curling up to read.  I dream about coming home easily, not catching my breath and breathing a prayer for patience and grace before I open the door (or at least not doing that every. single. day.) I dream about a space with windows and sunlight, instead of a basement cave.  I dream about not having to plan and schedule things like laundry, showers, and other random tasks.

And then, in an effort to combat the discontent, I remind myself to count some blessings.

Today, as I head back to grandma's after a week of house-sitting, I'm reminding myself that I have the following to look forward to:
  • access to my entire closet, instead of a suitcase for making daily wardrobe choices
  • access to my entire stash of snacks, to supplement work lunches, not just what I packed to get me through the week
  • being surrounded by my book collection
  • curling up in my own bed.
  • getting back to a regular nighttime routine, including a liturgical prayer book that I'm very much enjoying
  • finding rhythm again
  • access to my stash of creative supplies, tackling a couple of projects, and being free to be inspired for more
  • lighting candles all around the room for warmth, atmosphere, and happy smells