Thursday, September 15, 2011

"If..." Take 3

If you were to qualify your own spiritual aspirations, what would you say they are?

Today's "If..." question (from If... Questions for the Soul by Evelyn McFarlane & James Saywell) is one that I would answer with three phrases from scripture.  These three phrases, from Romans 12:12 sum up who I desire to be, and the words that Jesus has inscribed deeply on my heart as the things that are central to what he is calling me to be as his follower.

Joyful in hope.
In all things.  In everything.  Choosing joy and life.  Always hopeful, whether life is looking good or bad, bright, or terrifying.  This is my goal.

Patient in affliction.
Willing to learn.  Uncomplaining.  Again, choosing hope and joy.  Resting in the knowledge that in this too, Jesus is at work in me.  Not always expecting affliction, but patient when it comes, and in whatever form it comes.

Faithful in prayer.
My heart loves to pray.  I am never happier or more at home than those moments when I am talking with Jesus.  I believe He has called me to pray for others as well, to be in continual conversation with Him.

And you?  How would you answer today's "If..." question?  Leave the answer or a link to your answer in the comments!