Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Daily 5 - Year 3, Day 29

Today's Daily 5:

  1. This post, on Sara Frankl's blog.  I've been quietly reading Sara's blog for quite some time now, been so encouraged and challenged by her continual choosing of joy, in the face of severe chronic illness. And now, as Shannon shared in the post today, Sara is preparing to go home to be with Jesus.  This post made me laugh and cry and think today.  I prayed a little harder, and hugged a few people closer.  And I was reminded over and over again of choosing to be joyful. (Which is really what making these daily lists is all about - it's how they began, out of a need to seek joy in my life in the midst of some very hard times)
  2. Hemp Lip Balm from The Body Shop
  3. wearing one of the cute new hats I got a great deal on last night
  4. A crepe for lunch
  5. Managing to get some paperwork I needed from my doctor over the phone, rather than having to take a half-day, unpaid, off from work, to make an appointment and go in to handle it in person
  6. chocolate chip cookies (I was craving chocolate like crazy today)
  7. the moment when painkillers kick in
  8. sharing dinner and prayers and conversation at a house church leaders meeting
  9. laughing with friends
  10. a kiss goodnight from a very cute little guy who makes me smile every single week, and who pointed out every truck we passed as we drove to the meeting tonight.