Friday, August 26, 2011

Reverb 11 - August

The Reverb prompt for August is:

Describe an unexpected moment, activity, sighting or conversation that touched you during July.

Hmm... July seems far away already, since August is now more than half-way through.

In July I unexpectedly connected with a newcomer to my city, while taking the bus.  We chatted for a length of time, and exchanged phone numbers.  In the couple weeks since, we haven't been in touch, but maybe that will change.

What caught me off guard was that we connected at all.  I'm not usually all that willing to engage strangers in conversation (especially on transit, after a whole collection of crazy experiences), but we'd boarded the bus together, from the place we were both working (she was a permanent employee at the place I was temping) and courtesy dictated at least a bit of conversation.  Oddly, I took it farther, asking all about her, her background and family, where she is from, how long she'd been in my city, and in Canada in general. 

I don't know if we'll ever connect again.  Maybe we will, maybe we won't.  But it's a moment that stands out.  One where a different part of me than usual took over, listening to an inner prompting to engage where I would normally retreat, and listening to that prompting voice led to a fascinating conversation, and many prayerful thoughts.  It was definitely a moment that touched my soul in new ways.