Monday, July 11, 2011

Reverb 11 - July

The Reverb prompt for July is as follows:

What new thing will you try this month?

Well... I'm going to try temping for the first time in July.   Starting Wednesday as a matter of fact.

I'll do what I almost always do, and make some new food.

I'll get a new zoo pass.

And I've started wearing a new pair of glasses.

We'll start something new at house church this month too, or at least pray and decide what new thing to start.

I have a few new craft and creative projects to try.

I try to make a practice of doing small new things regularly.  It's a way to combat fear, to make little changes, to fight back against that anxiety that comes with change and all things new.  To have dozens of little new things that weren't scary to remember in the face of the larger and perhaps fear carrying new things.