Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 255

Today's Daily 5:
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  1. Laughing at my slightly odd, very old eyedoctor, who has been exactly the same combination of slightly odd and seemingly old for all eighteen years I've been seeing him.  I swear he hasn't changed at all.
  2. a clean bill of health for my eyes for another year
  3. that the worst of today's snowstorm held off until I was indoors for the remainder of the day
  4. a banana with peanut butter
  5. pizza and conversation at house church
  6. emails from several friends over the last few days
  7. having friends who I can bounce ideas off of
  8. the good kind of sore feeling that comes the day after my first long yoga class in ages
  9. reading a fascinating book about a young woman who converted to Islam
  10. a long, hot bath


Anonymous said...

Glad that, after being skeptical and almost giving it up at first, you also ascribed the same word to it that I did (and can probably see why I was doing so stinkin' many miles on the elliptical for a night and day there so I could read it).

Lisa said...

I can totally see why you were doing miles on the elliptical to read it. I think Sisters in War will be the next read.

And holy cow - the ending just left me wanting more and asking what has happened since - what was it like when they came back to America, what did Omar think, etc. And it raised a TON of questions, especially after those Sunday night teaching sessions. Plus, I felt like she described the whole "third culture" thing more vividly and accurately than anything I've ever seen, the experiences of being between cultures. It was worth reading just for that. We will definitely have to talk more about this one :D It might be one of my favorites yet (though the Invisible Women one is close)