Thursday, March 03, 2011

My Person(s)

This scene from one of the first season's of Grey's Anatomy is sort of a classic:

"You're my person." It's that moment when the friendship was cemented into family.  Into the sort of thing where this is the person with whom you are most yourself.

Recently, as I was fumbling for words to describe a friendship to someone else, she, hearing my description, summed it up, "She's your person."  I had to laugh at this blatant reference to what she didn't even know was my favorite television show.  It was the perfect summation.

I have two persons.  Two people with whom I feel totally free to simply be.  The ones I know I can trust and lean on in the hard times, and the ones who I know will be the first to celebrate with me when the great times come.  They're the ones I email or text when I've had a great steak dinner, or come across something random that made me think of a moment we shared.  They're the ones I email with prayer requests, or funny quotes, or anything in between.  We talk about television shows, our families, about life and faith and travel and books.  And, since neither one lives in the same country as me (and one not even usually on the same continent as me), they're the ones I hang out with via Skype and phone calls.

Except today.  Today I am spending the day in the mountains with one of my people.  She's in town for a brief visit, and I commandeered her for an entire day.  We have some fabulous plans that I'll share later on in the day or maybe tomorrow.  Basically we're just going to enjoy spending an entire day in each others company.

In this case, since it is the person who is generally on a different continent, half-way around the world, I'm keenly aware that it will likely be several years before we get to see each other in person again, so my plan is simply to savor the moments.  To make some really fabulous memories doing a few new things, and some we've done often.  To take photos and laugh.  To talk about the important stuff that just hasn't quite fit into our phone calls or skype dates.  To just be. 

I'm so incredibly thankful for this chance to escape Calgary and spend some in person time with "my person".  And I can't wait to see what sorts of fun adventures and blessings our time together will hold!


Miss said...

Hey Lisa
I think having even one person is a gift. To have two is indeed a blessing, and I'm glad for you!
I think I've always wanted a 'my person', I just didn't realise that's what it was. Not being able to find one, I figured there was this God shaped space that no one would fill, and have also been comforted by Henri Nouwen's writing on loneliness and aloneness. I thought perhaps I'd find it in a life partner, but not yet...

Anyway, none of this is to whinge. I think finding your person or people is to be celebrated. Hope you've had a great day!


Lisa said...

Hey Jenny!

It is so hard to find a "my person" and both of mine have been very much dropped into my lap unexpectedly.

The one I was with today and I were talking about that blessing, of having one, and how we also hope that one day we find it in a life partner as well.

Praying that you will find a person in a very unexpected and fun and beautiful "God" way.

Hugs to you tonight!


p.s. are you on facebook? I took a picture of our version of a palm tree today, and I'll add you to my facebook if you're there. If not, let me know and I'll email you my version :)

Miss said...

Hey Lisa,
I was thinking about my comment on the way home and realised it sounded a bit self-pitying. Sorry about that. Actually, I was rather inspired by your post to still hope for 'my person' to come. And I suppose, for me to be someone's person. There's something nice about hope - it's a nicer place to be. So thank you :0)
Yes, I am on FB. I think I will find you more easily than you would find me!

Glad to read you two had a great day!

J x

Lisa said...

I didn't read it as self-pitying as all, as much as longing and hoping. So, I'm glad it inspired you to keep hoping!

hugs and prayers!