Friday, February 04, 2011

Weekend To Do's

Just because I feel the need to write this stuff down, somewhere, preferably public, because I have a thing about saying publicly that I'm going to do something and then not doing it, that tends to lend to actually accomplishing the items on my list:
  • yoga workout at home on Friday
  • yoga class on Saturday
  • bake an Almond Joy Cake using the recipe a friend who knows me well sent my way
  • go to the post office to get student loan documents processed
  • finish reading and write a review for my latest booksneeze book
  • make significant headway on, if not finish, making notes on a reading project I completed a while back
  • budgeting
  • finish up the Greek assignments for this week
  • update my resume and apply for some jobs
  • watch the newest episode of Grey's Anatomy and transcribe the monologue
  • watch the newest episode of Private Practice
  • do some online research to create a term paper topic/thesis statement for one of my history classes (is it bad that I'm leaning towards choosing a topic solely because there's a Monty Python quote that I'd like to work into the paper?)
  • Finish up the reading from this week for my random introduction to social sciences class
  • Make some progress on reading the latest travel memoir I'm tackling - I have a time limit on this one since it's borrowed from the library.
  • Attend a ladies gathering with some women from my house church and other house churches
Those are the big things.  A couple of them are totally flexible.  Some of them absolutely have to get done.  But really, I'd like to manage some productivity and get most if not all of these done over the course of this afternoon, evening, tomorrow and Sunday.