Thursday, February 17, 2011

Discerning Voices

Earlier this week, over the course of one evening, I came across these two blog posts.

This one.

And this one that my friend Karla wrote.

Karla's words struck me because I have also been on a journey of sorting out the things I have been falsely agreeing with, and thus giving them power.

But it was these questions,  some of the ones from the first post I linked to, about discerning which voices should be allowed to speak into our lives, that really struck me.  I think I was caught by these questions, and I'm listing them here because this is a process I have very much been working through - the discernment of the voices in my life, and whether or not they are healthy.  Whether they give life, or suck it from me.  And, as I've been working through this process, I've made changes in which voices are part of my life.  I've chosen to limit or eliminate some unhealthy ones, and invited some new, and very healthy ones to the table.

And so, the questions:
  • Does the source evidence character/integrity?
  • Does the source evidence wisdom and understanding?
  • Does the source bring inspiration into my life?
  • Does the source evidence intellect and knowledge?
  • Does the source model a life I desire?
  • Does the source have a selfless agenda?
  • Does the source genuinely love me? 
It's worth it to click through and read the descriptions and details included with the questions.

The question of voices and what they speak is challenging to me.

What voices am I listening to that need to go?

What voices are healthy at their source and helping me to become healthy?

And you?  What are you agreeing with?  What are the voices speaking into your life saying?  Are those good things?  Or are there voices that need to go?