Sunday, February 27, 2011

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 195

Today was a good day.  I got a hug today from one of my closest friends.  One I hadn't seen in a year since she insists on living on a different continent from me.  (Actually, I was counting, and she's been to four of the seven continents, plus a few places that aren't actually part of proper "continents", in the last four months!)  I went to dad's church this morning solely because I knew she would be there, and it was so much fun to be engrossed in conversation with someone, look up, and find her grinning at me and waiting for that hug.  I'll probably write more about that kind of friendship in the next day or two, but let me just tell you that today was good, in large part because I spent a good portion of it laughing with someone I love dearly.

So, today's Daily 5:
  1. A hug from L.
  2. The worship team sang an old 90s worship song that I love this morning "I Will Not be Shaken".  I love the lyrics to that song, and some of the memories of places I've been where we sang that.  It was a big one at the summer camp I worked at the summer I first really felt God speak and prompt me to speak and share something with someone, long before my life took the "crazy charismatic" turn it took some years later, towards the space in which I now exist.
  3. Sharing communion at church
  4. Lunch with L, sharing Vietnamese (according to her a very "Calgary thing to eat") and laughing
  5. Introducing L. to a movie I've come to love, "Arranged", and talking about cultures and travel
  6. Getting behind the wheel of a car and driving for the first time in probably five months, and while it was still stressful, it wasn't quite as panicky as it has sometimes been.  Thankful, too, for good road conditions today.
  7. A hot bath and losing myself for a bit in a novel that transported me across the world and into a totally different culture
  8. doing homework curled up in bed
  9. the moments when words flow easily, even if it is just for a boring homework assignment
  10. watching something snarky a friend directed me towards and laughing at her suggestions for assigning bits of it to a sticky situation I'm dealing with these days, as a way of laughing at the situation instead of being frustrated and stressed out and angry because of it.