Saturday, February 26, 2011

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 194

This was the kind of slow day where things to add to a Daily 5 list flowed easily.  A day where blessings seemed full and rich, and the pace was one that allowed for them to be savored.  The kind of day that is, in itself, a blessing, an item to add to the list.  The kind of day I love, because so many days it is hard to find even five reasons to smile, but sometimes, on days like today, they flow, and I see deep, rich grace in that.

Today's Daily 5:
  1. A day where the blessings to count were full, rich, numerous, and able to be savored
  2. Sleeping in a familiar and comfortable bed after time away from home
  3. a banana for breakfast
  4. attending my first yoga class in a week and a half
  5. green grapes
  6. peanut butter toast
  7. fortune cookies (I seriously need to buy a box of these things - I love them!)
  8. Sunshine
  9. list making (I had several lists on the go today, to do items, and those sorts of things)
  10. Pretty mittens
  11. clean water
  12. the man on the bus, resting his hand gently on the shoulder of the woman in the wheelchair he was accompanying, his words, his eyes, his demeanor, speaking love and grace for her.
  13. Those moments when the bus becomes a holy space
  14. worn-in, comfortable jeans
  15. words that capture the intangible thoughts brewing beneath the surface
  16. Books that transport me abroad
  17. a soothing shower, offering rest and time to think without other noise
  18. clean smelling pajamas and a towel to wrap my wet hair in - all still warm from the dryer
  19. A line in The Amazing Race that made me laugh "I'm from Oklahoma - I don't do water.  I don't even take baths."
  20. making a new brownie recipe
  21. buttery popcorn
  22. a day of catching up
  23. sharing time with family
  24. magic bags
  25. curling up comfortably in bed with my laptop


Shelley said...

sounds like an amazing day...25 "top fives". wow. Holy Spaces seem to surround you :) Blessings, Lisa.