Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 178

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Making friends via my blog
  2. Got two proposals for papers/projects for school done today
  3. listening to my body and realizing when I needed a break today
  4. making a new recipe - I made my own viniagrette dressing for the salad I took to our house church potluck dinner tonight
  5. wine - you have no idea how wonderful a glass of wine was tonight
  6. chocolate cake
  7. Learned an important life lesson - don't wear cute earrings to house church
  8. reasons to laugh
  9. having a brief venting session
  10. talking wedding plans with a friend


Anonymous said...

#7 A very important lesson! Even the incredible powers of Lightroom can't counteract or reverse the magnetic draw of a good pair of cute earrings - even if the wearer is in another room! 0;-)

Lisa said...

LOL! Not even those magic, pain-free, solve everything powers, huh? Good thing I learned the lesson so early(ish) in life!

Miss said...

I like the new recipe idea. I'm trying to do that too, especially as I'm vegie on the way to vegan... and really need to eat less chocolate and more greens!

So, here's the recipe I cooked tonight, and it was v.good! I think it's going to be the creative inspiration for many an easy and quick meal in my house this year. I used spinach, and put some soy on top before I baked it, as I don't have any nutritional yeast. Delicious!

Miss said...

I like the new recipe trying. I'm hoping to do the same, especially as I try to eat more vegan food, more greens and less chocolate!

Here's the recipe I cooked for self and a friend tonight. So easy, and if I say so myself, delicious! I put some light soy on top before I baked it, as I didn't have any nutritional yeast. I think this will be the idea that launched a thousand quick and easy meals at my house this year!


Lisa said...

Jenny - I'm impressed that you're trying for vegan - I'd never make it!

That recipe does look good, though!

Miss said...

oops, sorry about the double post

Lisa said...

no worries :)