Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday's are for Resting

Yes, yesterday finished slowly.

But I ended up spending a great deal of it feeling fairly ill, as some health stuff that flares up occasionally flared.

I cooked a fabulous new dish, part of my goal to make at least 12 over the course of the year, and ended up barely being able to eat any of it.

A long treatment from mom left me feeling a bit better, and I headed towards bed.  The bonus is that for the first time in several days, I slept fairly well.

And so, today is mostly for resting.

I haven't changed out of my pajamas yet. I'll get up in a while and shower.

I'm working on some things that need to be accomplished, but I'm doing them from a chair, watching Top Chef, wrapped in a blanket, and with magic bags across my sore hips and neck.

So I'm resting.  Because today, caring for me, letting myself heal, looks like rest.


Kim said...

I found your blog from the One Word community, and I just wanted to say I really like your word for 2011. I've been going through my own journey of healing for the past several years. I don't even know how to put into words what God accomplished in me through illness and healing, but this year I'm trying to start telling my story. I hope you experience lots of healing this year, too.

Lisa said...

Hi Kim! I'm glad you found me. The One Word Community is a special thing, I think :)

Looking forward to hearing your own journey of healing over the coming year as well. Healing has been a very long journey for me, as well, but this year it does seem to be the word that Jesus is very much asking me to focus on.

Praying your year will also be full of blessings and healing!