Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am...

  • sitting in the basement at mom and dad's house at the desk where I spent most of the summer, pretending to be productive
  • freezing cold - it's worse down here in the winter than the summer, and I was cold most of the time then
  • wearing a t-shirt and two hoodies (with both hoods up) to keep warm.  A regular hoodie, and a borrowed "sherpa hoodie" (which is basically a hoodie with a thick, furry, warm lining).
  • having both a productive and completely procrastination laden morning
  • needing to buckle down and study for a medical terminology quiz tomorrow morning
  • cleaning up the bedroom I stay in at mom and dad's because someone else is coming to stay in it tonight
  • looking forward to house church tonight, and a discussion of another chapter of the book we've been studying together
  • also looking forward (I think, since I haven't confirmed this) to watching new episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice tomorrow, online
  • slightly unwilling to admit that a friend has gotten me a little bit hooked on watching the Bachelor for the sole purpose of being entirely snarky about it
  • excited to see my dad tomorrow (he gets back from West Africa tonight, after being away for several weeks)
  • thankful that we have been having a bit warmer weather lately
  • writing this blog post to empty my brain and hopefully spur an attack on the list of things I'm procrastinating about
  • faithfully using the lamp I was given that mimics sunlight and treats Seasonal Affective Disorder.  I think it's helping with the usual winter blues.
  • off to do some cleaning, some studying, some reading and a whole variety of the other things on my list!