Monday, January 10, 2011

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 147

Today's Daily 5:
  1. watching an old episode of the Bachelor late last night
  2. laughing over a bunch of blog posts from the southern parts of the US where they don't usually get snow.  one showed a bunch of pictures of children playing in the snow and read simply, "It's snowing so we went outside."  Late last night, in weather that also involved falling snow, but temperatures in the -27C range with windchill, the fact that snow could be that much of a novelty was hilariously funny to me.  I clearly need to relocate to a different climate where I can appreciate snow from a distance or as a novelty!
  3. an early bedtime (for me anyway) last night
  4. my neck pillow
  5. wearing cute earrings today
  6. banking via iphone
  7. smiling at my first lecture (and all the rest, actually)
  8. watching a sign language interpreter (there's a deaf student in one of my classes - how fun to get to experience the interpreter all semester.  signing fascinates me - just another language that I'd love to learn)
  9. a winter sunset as I waited for the bus - the colors are so different in winter, and pretty in a much more stark way.
  10. An effusive professor, guaranteed for some laughs this semester
  11. making a Peruvian friend in one of my classes
  12. a short line at the bookstore (not cheap prices, but a short line was nice!)
  13. feeling like I'm actually interested in the random classes I signed up to take
  14. inside walkways - I can get all over campus, from building to building, without ever going outside
  15. a good natural health treatment appointment tonight to wrap up a very full day


Jenny said...

Sounds like a great day, what a mixture!

What classes are you doing? And not having to go outside - bonus!

We now have terrible floods on one side of the country (the area flooded is larger than Germany and France together), and a fire on the other side. It's terrible - lives lost, many animals drowned. Just awful.

Lisa said...

It was a pretty good day :)

5 classes. 2 history, 1 medical terminology, 1 ethics, and a random social sciences. More details to be blogged about eventually!

I've been watching the floods. Wow! praying for all those so affected.